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Integration with XML Editors

XEP Online can be integrated with most popular XML editors, such as Serna, Oxygen XML Editor, Altova XMLSpy, FOXE, and EditX.


One of the easiest ways to integrate XEP Online PDF formatting capabilities into EditX is to use the command-line tool.


  • Obtain an user account at XEP Online Web site;
  • Download and Install XEP Online Client Tools;
  • Open XslDriver.exe.config and enter user name and password into a config file (requires an elevated privileges if you have installed Xep Online Client Tools into default Program Files folder);
  • For enabling XSLT 2.0 features, download MVP.XML library and copy Xvp.Xml.dll into XEP Online Client Tools folder;
  • Open EditX;
  • Go to Options - External Tools;
  • Click New;
  • Enter the name, e.g. RenderX;
  • As Command, enter full path and file name for XslDriver.exe application;
  • As Arguments, specify service name (as in XslDrive.exe.config file), and XML/XSL templates;
  • Use -SEND parameter to define how to process external resources;


Use EditX External Tools processing to run your document with arbitrary XML data.

The image below illustrates these steps:







Altova XMLSpy


firstobject XML editor (FOXE)


Exchanger XML Editor




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