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XEP Online

XEP Online will produce PDF files from your source XSL-FO document
To get started:
  1. Prepare your files (on your computer) — How?
  2. Upload your files (XSL-FO, XML, and any related resources like images)
  3. Press the "Process the Files" button
  4. Download the result PDF
Step 1: Upload Your Files

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Step 2: Configure Options
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Step 3: Process Your Data
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Step 4: Download PDF
  • The absolute minimum is a single XSL-FO file. There are two options possible:
    • If you have a single FO file, e.g., your file starts with <fo:root> (usually with extension of *.fo) - then you have to upload it;
    • If you have XML + XSL pair, e.g. XSL starts with <xsl:stylesheet> - then you upload both files. Make sure they have same name and corresponding extensions E.g. myfile.xsl and myfile.xml
  • If the document contains references to images or other resources, they can be also included:
    • Any resources referred from XSL-FO must be in URI format;
    • Only local resources are supported for security reasons, so any references must be start with file:// Other resources (e.g. http://server/image) will be ignored;
    • All resources should reside in the same directory. No directory references (E.g., file://../image or file://directory/image ) alowed;
  • You can upload all files above separately or build a ZIP or RAR archive containnig all files.
  • XSL-FO and XML must reside in archive's root folder.
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